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difference between marketing and promotion ?

2020-05-17 22:53:03
difference between marketing and promotion ?

When we read about marketing in general, we find a lot of information before us, and all the knowledge we gain makes us wonder several questions. Here, we will answer one of those questions, which is the difference between marketing and promotion ?

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difference between marketing and promotion ?

First - What is the meaning of promotion ?

It is a number of activities aimed at communicating with customers, to spread awareness about products or bonds, to motivate customers to buy these products and to raise the value of brands in the market and make them distinct from others. Promotion is a communication process aimed at achieving specific goals.

What are the goals of the promotion ?

Promotion has many goals, but here we focus on promoting products or services, and its goals are:

Adding new products or services to the market :

When a new service appears in the market, many promotional campaigns appear with it because they are new to the public, and therefore new products need to be promoted in order for the public to know that they exist first, and then they decide whether to rely on them or not.

Educating the customer and raising product awareness :

Raising awareness about your product, regardless of the type of product, is the most important goal of promotion, especially in the time of the social media that we live in now.

Outpace the competitor :

In many fields, we are not satisfied with introducing the public to the product or services that we provide, especially if the product is not completely new to them, and for this you must know the difference between you and the competitors, you must know what is your distinction from competitors, and what makes them buy from you and not from Competitors.

Gain customer confidence :

Promotion is the communication with customers to convince them of a specific product, because communication is better when there is confidence between the two parties, and it is one of the most important reasons for promotion, which is to make the customer trust you in order to secure you his time and money, and to achieve an increase in sales, such as offering offers and discounts on Products to increase sales.

What is the difference between marketing and promotion ?

Marketing consists of four stages :

Products: These are services or products that are offered to the public, and they are the ones who pay for them.

Prices: It is the cost of services or products and indicates the true value of the product and its usefulness to the public.

Places: It is where products or services are sold until someone is interested.

Promotion: is how to promote services or products to anyone who cares.


Therefore, it is clear that promotion is part of marketing, which is the stage the marketer goes through when considering new products or additional services.

What are promotion strategies.

There are many ideas through which we can promote new products and services, but no matter how many ideas you will not deviate from the following strategies :

Personal Promotion: It depends on the person’s ability to promote services and products. This promotion takes a number of images, such as :

Sales Representative: He communicates with the customer himself and tries to convince them of the products.

Personal products: They are just like bloggers do by promoting themselves, such as creating a YouTube channel or website.

Personal relationships.

Advertising: There are different images. Advertisements:

TV and radio ad.

Advertisement of the press and newspapers.

Printed ads.

Internet ads and social media.

Bloggers ads.

Sales promotion: What is meant here is to make discounts and offers for a certain period of the year, and to distribute discount coupons to customers in person, or free delivery.

Public Relations: It is one of the most important promotion strategies and depends on everyone in various fields

After all, you should test your results, improve your promotions, and mention the importance of personal and public relationships as well, because they are the most important keys to success in promoting.