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What is content marketing ?

2020-05-17 22:29:08
What is content marketing ?

Content marketing means one of the most effective and distinguished ways in the world of marketing, as it depends on the content that is digital, meaning that whether it is written content, audible or visible, and that has a specific goal, which is marketing products away from the old traditional methods, and it is also possible that Content marketing has many types, each of which depends on the goals set by the individual for marketing, and I will simply explain it to you.

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What is content marketing ?

What is content marketing ?

Content marketing is a mechanism for the marketing to be carried out on a wide and long range as it can be built through digital content that works to provide a real benefit, and if a person arranges his goals and proceeds in the specified and sound ways he has a guarantee of success and obtaining a large number of customers, and he helps the individual to His success in his commercial project and there is a big increase in his sales. It is also possible to easily communicate with the different and targeted customers and encourage them to interact continuously.

Types of content marketing :

There are several types of marketing content that we will discuss in this article:

First - Article, meaning articles or blogs. This type is divided into two parts:

Soft Article: means the simplified article in which there is a subject that has no complexity but is rather simple.

Heavy Article: It means that the article contains a topic of some complexity, and that it is in urgent need of a long explanation.


Second - Video :

As for this type, it is the most powerful type ever among the types of content marketing, simply because the individual is able to explain abundantly the product that he wants to market and the audience can easily see this passage and thus obtain a large number of audiences and achieve its goal, and like the first type there is It has types which are:

Educational video: This video consists of a period of no more than five minutes so that the audience does not feel bored watching it, and the main goal of that video is to educate the audience and give them value in the business of the individual or his company.

Viral video: It is the video that requires creativity in order to spread the video very quickly and is seen by many audiences and its duration never exceeds one minute. This video must contain an attractive and interesting introduction to attract a large number of audiences.

The second type of content marketing is called infographics

It is a category of images that contain information that is wanted to reach the audience, that is, it is visible, as it is very effective in high value for the audience, but it is making a great effort by the designer, and it is not preferred by most of the audience, so there must be a test for it before working with it.

Three - Visuals :

It is a design with some of the advice given to the public and the various quotes, very easy in terms of implementation, but the value that gives it is considered to be a little small.

Fourth - EBook :

It is a booklet with information that the individual wants to give to the public, where the information inside is deeper than what is written in the articles, a thought leader can be obtained easily from him but it takes more time to implement and write it.

Fifth - Podcast :

This is a type of audio content as it contains an audio recording with the information intended to be conveyed to the public, and it is also one of the easy types used by the audience.

Sixth - Webinar :

It is for the individual to appear live in front of people, and through this life he can talk about what he desires to communicate with the audience, discuss them, know their opinions and talk to him.

VII - Case studies :

This type is for people who have used that product you want to market and how much they like it.